Establishing a positive reputation is not always a matter of cleaning up Google search listings. In many cases it requires a full media overhaul. We are excited to offer a full reputation change strategy, which effectively reshapes and revises the client’s image in the eyes of major media outlets, both online and off.

The Media Drive strategy effectively entails the full inundation of major media outlets with press releases and stories designed to present the client in the best light possible. In service of this plan, we call upon national and international news syndicate resources, ensuring the influence of media outlets from around the world. In addition, our PR professionals, adept at pitching stories to offline and online news sources, including major TV networks and newspaper syndicates—ultimately blanketing the media with positive and compelling stories.

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Individuals & Interactions over processes and tools


Working Softwareover comprehensive documentation


Customer Collaborationover contract negotiations


Responding to Changeover following a plan

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