When you exist in the public eye—whether as a prominent figure or as a major corporation—there is always a possibility that a public relations mishap could befall you, and potentially prove ruinous. A single unflattering headline or negative news story can catch hold and spread like wildfire, ultimately incinerating your carefully-constructed online reputation. It is vital to be prepared for this contingency, and to be able to address these PR snafus promptly and effectively—which is why we work with clients to devise full Crisis Management Plans.

A Crisis Management Plan entails the development of volumes upon volumes of positive, brand-enhancing information—including press releases, blog entries, social media posts, and more, all designed to present the client in the best light possible. We are then prepared to implement this barrage of positive content at the drop of a hat. With the single push of a button, we can flood the Web—and major media outlets—with positive, brand-enhancing content about the client, essentially diluting the impact of the negative story, shifting the spotlight to something more desirable, and giving the client total peace of mind.

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